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This is a 100% industry funded campaign. With your help, we can create shared value that all Australian co-operative businesses can benefit from in 2012 and beyond.

The Australian Secretariat has invited all co-operative businesses to contribute to the National Appeal. A voluntary ‘levy’ table has been developed as a guide to the recommended value of contributions.  
Your contribution at the suggested level, or another amount shows that our movement can pull together to achieve a mutual outcome on behalf of all co-ops. Planning and coordination is already underway – please make your donation as soon as you can so that we can continue the effort.

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Make a Pledge

Complete the online Pledge Form or download the Pledge Form Adobe PDf to make a pledge to the National IYC 2012 Appeal and we will send you an invoice.

See the below ‘levy table’ for the recommended value of your contribution.

National IYC 2012 Appeal Industry Contribution Table (ex GST)

The IYC 2012 industry voluntary levy structure has been developed to provide an opportunity for Australiaʼs co-operative businesses to contribute to their own International Year.

Turnover Base
Contribution Count Funding

Over $1 billion




$500m - $999m








$100m - $249m




$50m - $99m




$25m - $49m




$10m - $24m




$1m - $10m


(no count <$5m)




No count
- voluntary








Maggie Beer
Maggie Beer, 2010 Senior Australian of the Year and Supporter of IYC 2012
"My passion for using fresh seasonal and local produce is equalled by my passion for my local, cooperative store...Community focused, ethical and sustainable that's the cooperative difference."

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