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"Right through the GFC and for the past 200 years, co-operatives, credit unions, mutuals and other forms of social business have strengthened and sustained local and national economies. Worldwide co-operatives protect 100 million jobs and the livelihoods of a billion members.

The scale and influence of the co-operative form of enterprise is unsurpassed. In Australia, there are 2 million more member owners of cooperatives and mutual businesses than there are private retail investors. That’s why the UN has designated 2012 the International Year to recognise the global significance of co-operative businesses.

IYC 2012 is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Australian co-operatives to come together under the banner of our own International Year to celebrate our success and achieve the best policy and legislative settings to trade and grow in the national economy.

The United Nations has called on all countries to coordinate a national response to IYC 2012. By coming on board the National Call To Action you will help drive a campaign to wake up the nation to the benefits of the co-operative way of doing business.

A National Steering Committee was formed to coordinate action for IYC 2012. It will work with Australian co-operatives and social businesses to plan activities for 2012 that leave a legacy and place our forms of business on the national agenda from 2012.

It cannot happen without you - we need the support of each and every one of the 2,500 cooperative businesses around the country to make sure we get the most out of 2012."

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