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2013 Reports

Community Investment: Using industrial & provident society legislationAdobe PDF
Jim Brown, Co-operatives UK
Community investment is the practice of communities investing capital in business ventures
serving a social or community purpose. It is not a new phenomenon.

Resilience in a downturn: The power of financial cooperatives Adobe PDF
March 2013 | Birchall, Johnston
This report reviews the performance of financial cooperatives, looking in particular at the aftermath of the 2007-2008 crisis and the continuing long austerity period. It explains why financial cooperatives have proven to be more resilient pointing to the specificities of the cooperative model of enterprise.

IMPACT – Australia: Investment for social and economic benefit Adobe PDF
March 2013 | DEEWR, in collaboration with JBWere
Showcasing examples in Australia and internationally of people harnessing capital – including their own – to support social purpose enterprises. Australia's first community-owned wind farm Hepburn Wind is a case study.
Making it Mutual: The Ownership revolution that Britain needs
March 2013 | ResPublica
ResPublica, an independent think tank in the UK, has released a new report containing a collection of essays calling for a new economic model that extends ownership to all. "We cannot afford to ignore the potential of co-operative and mutual business models to drive growth and help build a more resilient economy." France Maude MP, UK Minister for the Cabinet Office.


2012 Reports

The Cooperative Enterprise in the Mediterranean Adobe PDF
December 2012 | CEPES
A publication on Cooperatives in the Mediterranean produced by CEPES based on the presentations at a workshop in April 2012 in Murcia, Spain.

Who knew Australians were so co-operative? The size and scope of mutually owned co-ops in Australia Adobe PDF
October 2012 | The Australia Institute
Eight  in every ten Australians are a member of a co-operative, mutual or member-owned organisation. Adobe PDF

It’s cooperation, stupid. Why Richard Dawkins, Thomas Hobbes and Milton Friedman got it wrong Adobe PDF
March 2012 | Charles Leadbeater in partnership with Co-operatives UK & Institute for Public Policy Research 2012
Imagine you are walking down the street and a stranger stops you to make an unusual proposition. He will give you £100 but on one condition: you have to split the sum with a stranger. If the person you select to split the money with rejects your offer then the deal is off: you have to return all the money to the donor. You stop the next person in the street, explain the situation and make them an offer. What offer would you make? And if you were on the receiving end, what offer would you accept? Download report Adobe PDF

Cooperatives Survey NZ Adobe PDF
Horizon Research Limited, March 2012
"There is strong interest in, and support for, the cooperative business model. This business type
is seen as more preferred and more trusted than the shareholder-owned enterprise model." Download report Adobe PDF

Co-op Capitalism: A new economic model from the carnage of the old (Think Piece 6) Adobe PDF
Noreena Hertz, Co-operatives UK, March 2012
“The conditions are in place for a markedly different economic model to emerge from the carnage currently being wrought." Download report Adobe PDF

NEW INSIGHT 9: Global Business Ownership 2012 — Members and shareholders across the world Adobe PDF
Co-Operatives UK, January 2012
"There are two tribes of business ownership. Despite the focus on stock markets, it is co-operative enterprise that touches the lives of more people." Download report Adobe PDF

2011 Reports

Co-operative and Mutual Business Leaders Summit Communiqué Adobe PDF
Social Business Australia, 17 August 2011
Co-operative, credit union and mutual business leaders, meeting in Canberra were strongly supportive of a representative body for the social business sector that could occupy a similar position in the political landscape to the Business Council of Australia. Download report Adobe PDF

The UK Co-operative Economy - Britain's Return to Co-operation Adobe PDF
Co-operatives UK, 2011
The UK is beginning to co-operate once again. Suffocated by conventional thinking, stifled by competition and facing £81bn worth of cuts over four years – governments, businesses, industries and consumers are seeking to redress the unbalanced and over-stretched economy. Their reference point for change? The co-operative movement. Download report Adobe PDF

Australia’s Top 100 Co-operatives, Credit Unions and Mutuals by Annual Turnover Adobe PDF
Co-operatives Australia, April 2011
Co-operatives Australia has published this 3rd top 100 list to facilitate greater awareness of the co-operative option and demonstrate the economic and social impact of co-operatives, credit unions and mutual businesses. Download report Adobe PDF

2010 Reports

Global300 Report 2010 - The world’s major co-operatives and mutual businesses Adobe PDF
International Co-operative Alliance
The Global300 Report identifies the biggest co-operatives in the world (measured by turnover specified in dollars) and is used widely by journalists, governments, academia and ICA members. This report lists the biggest 300 co-operatives around the world, ordered by size starting from the largest. It gives the current ranking, name, country, industry sector and turnover (revenues). Download report Adobe PDF

Investing in Alternative Economic Futures' - Dame Pauline Green, President International Co-operatives Alliance Adobe PDF
Inaugural Social Business Australia Lecture, Parliament House Canberra, 15 March 2010
It is a great pleasure and an immense privilege to be invited to deliver the inaugural lecture for SBA – Social Business Australia…Social Business is a growing phenomenon across the globe bringing under one umbrella all those business forms where trade or activities are undertaken for social purpose, and where profits or surpluses are used for social benefit… Download Speech Adobe PDF

The Mutuals Manifesto 2010 Adobe PDF
MUTUO, 2010
Mutuals matter to the UK Mutuals are big business. They account for over £90bn annually in revenues and affect the lives of more than one in three of all UK citizens. More than 25 million people are members of at least one mutual – that equates on average to half the electors in each Parliamentary constituency in the UK. Download report Adobe PDF

The UK Co-operative Economy - A review of Co-operative Enterprise Adobe PDF
Co-operatives UK, 2010
2010 sees the UK in the midst of economic uncertainty and financial upheaval. The UK national public debt in April 2010 is over 62% and unemployment stands at 2.5m workers – 8% of the labour force. In response, David Cameron and Nick Clegg have promised a ‘new era of politics’, to work together to address the country’s challenges. Yet the shift is not towards a new concept...They are the principles of co-operation. Download report Adobe PDF

Shared Ownership in Practice Adobe PDF
Office for Public Management, 2010
Findings from case studies of employee and community ownership of public services - public interest research report. Download report Adobe PDF

2001-2009 Reports

Responses to the Global Economic Crisis - Resilience of the Co-operative Business Model in Times of Crisis Adobe PDF
International Labour Organisation (ILO), 2009
This report will provide historical evidence and current empirical evidence that proves that the cooperative model of enterprise survives crisis, but more importantly that it is a sustainable form of enterprise able to withstand crisis, maintaining the livelihoods of the communities in which they operate. It will further suggest ways in which the ILO can strengthen its activity in the promotion of cooperatives as a means to address the current crisis and avert future crisis. Download report Adobe PDF

Worker Cooperative Toolbox - A Guide to Co-operative Employee Ownership Adobe PDF
Northcountry Cooperative Foundation (NCDF), 2006
This guide was created by NCDF to assist potential co-op members and their partners in choosing, planning, organising and supporting new and existing employee-owned cooperatives. Download report Adobe PDF

Co-operative in the 21st Century, The Co-operative Start-up Manual Adobe PDF
Co-operative Federation of Victoria, 2001
The Co-operative Start Up Manual is a co-operatives guide for the 21st Century. It has been prepared for people and communities seeking information forming a co-operative. While this legal form of business structure is well established in Victoria, and in particular has been very popular in the rural agricultural sector for over a 100 years, practical information on all facets of co-operatives is currently not easy to obtain. Download report Adobe PDF

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