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2012 National Co-op Conference Wrap-Up
6 November 2012
International Co-operative Alliance President Dame Pauline Green says, "One billion owners cannot be wrong" – Dame Pauline is referring to the number of co-operative members worldwide. We say 250 co-ops can't be wrong – that's the number of co-ops and co-operative representatives who came together in Port Macquarie on 24-26 October to discuss the future of our co-operative sector.
Big Co-op Conversation #13 - Co-operative Identity Workshop
5 November 2012
Co-operatives Victoria Open Workshop. Cooperative Identity Programme for Directors, Managers and Members. A Chris Cooper Workshop on 7 November 2012, 10am-4.30pm.
Co-operatives urge new era of collaboration
2 November 2012
The next phase of co-operative business development in Australia would be determined by the willingness of the sector to come together and speak with a unified voice, was a clear message coming out of last week’s National Co-operatives Conference in Port Macquarie, the official closing event of the International Year of Co-operatives (IYC) in Australia.
Co-ops serve up leadership feast with Australia's best known foodie
1 November 2012
National awards recognising outstanding leadership in the field of co-operative business development were presented at a gala dinner fronted by celebrity cook Maggie Beer in Port Macquarie last Thursday 25 October. The awards were the highlight of a two-day national conference celebrating the role of co-operatives in the Australian economy capping off the United Nations declared International Year of Co-operatives.
Big Co-op Conversation #12 - Resilience to the Euro Zone Crisis
30 September 2012
The Unique Advantages of the Mondragon Cooperative. This public lecture is a free event. Mikel Lezamiz is the Director of Cooperative Dissemination at the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation. Starting as a member-worker in the ALECOP students’ cooperative in 1973, he continues to work at Mondragon as an educator, trainer and organisational leader, holding senior positions on the education system governing boards.
Big Co-op Conversation #11 - Beyond 2012 Workshop
6 September 2012
Speakers: Paul Flowers, Chairman, The Co-operative Banking Group and Deputy Chairman of The Co-operative Group in the UK and Melina Morrison, Director, Australia's Secretariat for the UN International Year of Cooperatives and a founding director of Social Business Australia.
West Belconnen expansion increases access to bulk-billing services
31 August 2012
The West Belconnen Health Co-op is expanding and will set up a new bulk-billing clinic in Chisholm, Canberra, helping to address the shortage of general practitioners in the Tuggeranong Valley.
Co-Cycle: A youth-led, bicycle-powered tour linking cooperatives across the US
26 August 2012
More than two months ago, a co-operative cycling group of 15 undergraduates and recent grads from Western Massachusetts—Co-Cycle—left San Francisco for the Northeast. Motivated by a mission to build a network of like-minded communities dedicated to a brighter, more sustainable future, the project was launched in honor of the United Nations' 2012 International Year of Cooperatives.
Big Co-op Conversation #8 - Economics for the 99%
31 July 2012
Economics for 99%: Co-operatives in Victoria will provide snapshots of the past, present and future of the co-operative. Hosted by Cardijn Community Australia, the event will feature several notable speakers as part of the Big Co-op Conversations series.
Big Co-op Conversation #7 - Co-operative Enterprises: Transforming Communities and Economies
25 July 2012
A special issue Collaboratory Meetup will be held Tuesday, 31 July to discuss role of co-operatives in addressing social and environmental issues. The Collaboratory hosts panel discussions at Hub Melbourne each month, inviting a selection of guests to share their experience in collaborative initiatives.

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