Big Co-op Conversation #11 - Beyond 2012 Workshop

Join us for IYC 2012 Australia's Big Co-op Conversation #11 - Beyond 2012 Workshop.

The workshop will commence with two short introductions. Following the introductory addresses, the workshop participants will be challenged to discuss and suggest how we can go Beyond IYC 2012 to revitalize, promote and grow the co-operative option.

  • Are co-ops still relevant today and why?
  • Why is the history of co-operatives hidden?
  • Who is afraid of co-ops and why?
  • Why do co-ops flourish in tough times?
  • How can co-ops become a movement that cannot be ignored?
  • How can co-operatives co-operate?


  • Paul Flowers, Chairman, The Co-operative Banking Group and Deputy Chairman of The
    Co-operative Group in the UK, will speak about IYC 2012 in the UK and elsewhere throughout the world.
  • Melina Morrison is director of Australia's Secretariat for the UN International Year of Cooperatives and a founding director of Social Business Australia. She has written widely on co-operatives and the social economy for international and national publications. She has wide experience engaging the media on building social capital through profitable social businesses. Melina will discuss the Australian response to IYC 2012.


Register today. Download flyer and registration form Adobe PDF


When: Thursday, 27 September 2012, 11am-2pm
Where: German Club Tivoli, 291 Dandenong Road, Windsor 3181 (03 9529 5211)
Contact: David Griffiths, Secretary, Co-operatives Victoria, 03 97856542,


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Joyce Clague MBE
"Over the years, I have seen the birth of many co-operatives. We choose the co-o
"We choose the co-operative structure because we want to have an equal say, we want to share the responsibility and we want to work together to improve our living conditions and our life chances..."

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