National Co-operatives Fortnight asks co-ops to Open (the) Doors

National Co-operatives Fortnight runs from September 10-24

Official National Co-operatives Fortnight Toolkit now live! Download it today

National Co-operatives Fortnight runs from September 10-24, and will provide a unique opportunity to celebrate and promote the benefits of the co-operative model - shared profits, equal say and community engagement to build a better world.

Your co-operative, credit union or mutual can join in by staging an event during the Fortnight – just add your activity to the National IYC Calendar.

Based on similar successful national campaigns around the world such as the UK campaign of the same name, the fortnight is a time for co-operatives to showcase the social and economic good that comes from co-operative business.

Last year’s UK Co-ops Fortnight saw 290 events and online publicity reaching nearly 2 million. Co-operatives trended on twitter for the first time, becoming one of the most popular topics.

Here are some ways to get involved in the Co-ops Fortnight, as well as resources to aid you in your activities.

What you can do to make the most of Co-ops Fortnight

  • Hold an event celebrating your co-operative and its contribution to the local community; an information evening, luncheon, products fair, stall, film screening etc.
  • Invite your local chamber of commerce, mayor, local media or a local MP to learn about the contribution of your co-operative to the local community and its economy.
  • Hold a promotional competition to celebrate the Fortnight and promote the IYC 2012.
  • Invite your local schools to visit your co-operative – or organise to visit them! (Educating the next generation of co-operative members about the difference in our business structure).
  • Write to your local MP and tell them about the contribution your co-operative and others in your region have made to the local economy and social fabric over the years.
  • Add your event to the IYC Calendar
    The Secretariat will mark your event with the Co-ops Fortnight logo.
  • Add your event to our Facebook page and share your event by Twitter

What the IYC Secretariat can do for you

To support co-operatives during their Co-op Fortnight activities, the IYC Secretariat is developing a range of free resources to add value to your event:

The Secretariat has commissioned several merchandising opportunities that can be purchased for sale or giveaway at your fortnight activities:

  • Commemorative badge
    Limited edition IYC 2012 badges featuring the UN logo would be an ideal giveaway at any Co-ops Fortnight event. 

Commemorative items – limited edition

  • Commemorative stamp sheet and coin mailer
    Available with great bulk discounts on the pre-paid envelopes, these limited edition Australia Post items offer the chance to collect a lasting reminder of IYC 2012. They make great member recognition gifts too.
  • Commemorative coin
    The only nation in the world to produce a collectible coin and stamps series celebrating the IYC 2012, the coin offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the year.

Lastly, please contact the Secretariat to notify us of your involvement in Co-ops Fortnight, so that we may promote your activities across our networks and in the media:



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Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman, actor and supporter of IYC 2012
"...In 2012, I hope everyone comes to better understand the transforming power of co-operatives all over the world including Australia."

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