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Greg Wall, Chairman of IYC 2012 Secretariat
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Writing a message for our Christmas newsletter recently, I made the remark that Christmas had come early for co-operatives everywhere. In declaring an International Year in celebration of our unique and resilient business model, the United Nations has gifted our sector with a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Greg Wall

We have an entire year to devote to highlighting the benefits of our business model. In Australia — just like our co-ops, the campaign for the International Year of Co-operatives is 100% industry owned with every dollar contributed by Australian co-operative members. In tough economic times it has not always been easy to make the case for additional expenditure but the exercise of defining what is the value proposition of an International Year to co-operative businesses and the members of those businesses has been central in defining what we should focus our efforts on in 2012.

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Bob Debus AM, Patron
Bob Debus AM, Patron IYC 2012
"People are looking for institutions they can trust. However [co-ops] strength is not only financial, it is ethical. Co-operatives are social businesses."

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