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International Year of Co-operatives 2012 e-newsletter
2012, it’s Our Time to Shine!

July 2012

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Dear Valued Supporters and Friends,
Welcome to the July 2012 issue of our new-look e-newsletter:

     - Dear PM

- Co-ops championed in House of Reps

     - 'Ant' arrives for International Co-ops Day

- Co-ops in the news

     - Two Bob's worth on power of co-ops

- Bradford Co-operative

     - More 'Co-op Conversations'

- London calling

     - Interested in renewable energy?

- Co-ops blitz competition

     - Table talk

- On the Co-ops calendar

Latest IYC 2012 & Co-op News

Julia Gillard

Dear PM
This Saturday, 7 July is International Co-operative Day. Join co-ops across the world in celebrating how you are building a better world. 7 July is a "global day of co-operative action". Australia's IYC Secretariat has taken the opportunity to write to the Prime Minister to ask for her views on co-operatives. How can you take part?

iCooperate'Ant' arrives for International Co-ops Day
The newest co-op mascot 'Ant' has popped up in time for International Co-operative Day, Saturday, 7 July 2012.
Australia's contribution to the global day of co-operative action on 7/7 is the iCooperate social media campaign. Join the fun and make 'Ant' a global symbol of co-operation.

Bob CarrTwo Bob's worth on power of co-operation
Bob Carr joins singer and anti-poverty campaigner Bob Geldolf at UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's high-level co-op breakfast meeting as part of the 2012 Development Co-operation Forum on Thursday, 5 July and Friday, 6 July at UN headquarters in New York, in the lead up to International Co-operative Day 2012.

More 'Co-op Conversations'
Social TradersThe ruthless pursuit of profit at any cost is definitely ''on the nose'. Around the world, there's a growing movement of social businesses with a different vision; and it's putting people and planet in the bottom line. Don't miss this free discussion chaired by The Zone columnist Michael Short.
RSVP for Next Generation Capitalism – profit, people, planet (Tuesday, 7 August, Melbourne)

Wind turbines

Interested in renewable energy?
The Co-operatives Research Group (CRG) University of Sydney is holding an energy symposium on Monday, 3 September to discuss the role of co-ops in energy and sustainability. It will feature a presentation from Hepburn Wind, Australia’s first community-owned wind farm.

Sydney Food Co-op NetworkTable talk
Food co-ops are sustainable and socially minded. A network to champion them has launched. It aims to facilitate the exchange of information, resources and practical solutions. Anyone with an interest in food co-ops can get involved.
Visit the Sydney Food Co-op Network.

Co-ops championed in House of Reps
Informing our political representatives about the role and value of co-ops in the national economy, has been a major focus for the IYC Secretariat in 2012. On 25 June, the House of Representatives debated the need for a level field for co-ops and the need to continue working towards nationally consistent co-operative laws. The debate was prompted by a Private Members’ motion in support of the UN International Year of Co-operatives tabled by Luke Hartsuyker, the Nationals’ Federal Member for Cowper. Read the debate in Hansard

Co-ops in the news
In the inner city where accommodation is at a premium and quality options scarce, co-operatives provide another option where low income renters combine forces to manage and control a property or apartment block. ABC Radio National's Life Matters discussed housing co-ops as part of a series on renting. Download or listen to the podcast.

Historical images from Bradford Co-operative show Australia's rich co-operative heritage.

Bradford Co-operative
Les Malton shared his grandfather's forty years with Bradfield Co-operative Society (Yorkshire) told through these beautiful historical photos. Do you have photos to share?

Co-operate AppLondon calling
An app called Co-operate is connecting customers with co-ops across the UK. American’s will have a version soon. Whether they need food or phones, electricity or banking, Co-operate connects customers to ethical businesses on their mobile phone.

The Co-operative Economy 2012Co-ops blitz competition
For the fourth consecutive year, UK co-ops have outclassed the corporates in the economy demonstrating resilience in difficult economic times and proving that values and principles go hand in hand with commercial performance. Download and read new report.

On the Co-op Calendar

Don't forget the key events coming up as part of the International Year.

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