Sponsorship is being sought for the following awards:

The sponsorship raised will be used to fund a bursary to cover the travel and registration costs of the winners to represent Australia at the International Co-operative Alliance General Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa in November 2013.

Why sponsor?

The awards provide excellent leveraging opportunities for co-operative partners to showcase their involvement by joining and supporting the National IYC Secretariat in recognising outstanding achievement and ongoing commitment to the co-operative and mutual business model.

The Co-operative Leader of the Year Award and the Future Leaders Award give co-operative and mutual business partners the ability to engage in a very real and tangible way with outstanding Australians who have contributed to co-operative growth and success at the local, regional or national level.

Each category provides branding as a ‘Corporate Sponsorship Partner’, along with networking and hospitality benefits, including access to the National IYC 2012 Conference and Trade Show, engagement with national leaders and eminent Australians, allowing Corporate Partners to engage with stakeholders, while promoting a high level of co-operative and social responsibility.

The National Co-operative Leadership Awards are an IYC 2012 legacy project. Launched in October this year, the Awards ceremony aims to be a high profile, annual event. New categories may be introduced in future years to recognise and pay tribute to outstanding co-operative and mutual businesses in Australia.

Become a Corporate Sponsorship Partner

Are you interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsorship Partner? Please phone Melina Morrison on 0410 902 656 or email melina.morrison@socialbusiness.coop




Maggie Beer
Maggie Beer, 2010 Senior Australian of the Year and Supporter of IYC 2012
"My passion for using fresh seasonal and local produce is equalled by my passion for my local, cooperative store...Community focused, ethical and sustainable that's the cooperative difference."

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